AAT’s Advice for preparing for your exam

Preparing for your Exam
Preparing for an exam is never an easy task. Taking an exam can be a very stressful situation and hopefully with these tips, I can help make the whole process a little easier.
Step 1

This step may rather silly and obvious, but making sure that you have fully studied the subject and practised the mocks. This is a must.

Step 2

Use the resources that are available to the fullest. Along with your training providers additional support documents, the AAT has e-learning modules, green light tests, webinars and sample mocks. A must read for all students are the Guidance and Standards reports along with the mapping document for the unit. The mapping document details the criteria that you are to meet in order to be competent and the other reports highlight areas which have been commonly missed by students when taking the exam.

Step 3

Time to book exams. You may book exams as an external student at any of the venues listed here https://www.aat.org.uk/assessment/assessment-venue/search . Please be aware of the following :
• Although the AAT have a standard price for each exam per level, the centre may/will charge an additional administration fee on top of this.
• All level 4 Exams (excluding the ISYS project) are subject to up to six week marking process and marked directly from the AAT. You will receive an email from the AAT once your exam has been marked and then your results will be found in the results section of MyAAT.
• When taking the ISYS project, Professional Ethics and Spreedsheets exam, this is marked by your training provider. It is then verified by the AAT and marked competent once achieved.

Step 4

What to take into an exam. This is a frequent question that appears in many social forums. The most common items to be taken into the examination centre are
• A small select of pens/pencils
• A non-programmable calculator

The examination centre usual provides the student with paper in order to do calculations, etc but this does not leave the examination room. It may be a suggestion that when booking the exam to enquire as to whether drinks or food are allowed to be consumed during the exam.