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I currently write a blog detailing my journey through distance learning and beyond.

I wanted to show to other students that they were not alone and hopefully show all the ups and downs of distance learning, taking exams and life,

was not just blogblack and white.

Although I love my blog, I feel like I am only giving a tiny bit of help to students and I believe there is a potential to provide a unique resource service to accounting students.  So that’s where the website comes into force.


There are also other social groups and media sources of help.

Osbourne Books offer free tests for levels 2 – 4 of the AAT which are great way of testing your knowledge.

The AAT has a Facebook Page which is full of social interaction.  The AAT also has there own Forums.

Another forum which has excellent help and advices from those who work in the industry and also those who are studying and that is The Bookkeepers Forum.


Why not join our facebook group set up                                                                                                                            For technical help and advice,     

for social chat amongst our users.                                                                                                                      why not join and discuss in our website forum




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