Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress can hit us at any time whilst we are studying and taking exams. There is a great article written and published on the University of St Andrew’s website that gives excellent tips regarding coping with these factors. I have also sourced other sites that may be of help and reassurance that this could effect anyone when taking exams.

You can view this article by clicking on the link below:

Managing Exam Stress

Other sources of information


BBC Radio 1 – Exam Stress

Mind – Coping with Academic work and exams

Stressbusting – How to deal with exam stress

Thestudentroom – Dealing with Exams

NUS- How to get ready for exams – Exams Stress & Anxiety

Managing stress – This is a simple video which helps you manage stress and tips to elevate it.

Tips on ways to unwind – This video is highly recommended

Stress Relief for students – Top ten tips for stress relief

NHS – Coping with Stress

The Guardian Newspaper – Coping with Stress with their Top Ten Tips

Totally Stressed Out – A website designed to help student cope with stress managments

Academic Tips – A great article for combating stress


There is a great organisation that helps with issues with stress, anxiety and depression.  The Blurt Foundation website is a place where they can offer help and advice.