What is CPD??

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the way in which our members continue to learn throughout their career, keeping their technical skills and industry knowledge up to date.

CPD describes the process of:

  • Assessing your learning needs
  • Tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience you gain

Focussing on your professional development will give you a competitive edge, and demonstrate that you’re committed to maintaining the high standards you have achieved.

The AAT’s website has a designated area of there website to assist you and maintain your CPD.  It gives you idea for what type of activities can be added to you CPD and a recommended format.

The AAT also rewards one member each year for their highly fufilled CPD.  Sarah Knight was a previous winner of this title and you can read about her in the article in the AAT’s comment.

The AAT also hold events to help and guide you with your CPD.  Why not check out their events?