Guide for Preparing & Taking Assessments by Premier Training Students

Guide for Preparing
& Taking Assessments
By Premier Training Students

Tanya Talbot-Butler
I was aware that there were areas I was weaker in and I focused on those. Re-attempting the practice questions and re-reading any material in the course books and Wise Guides. Once I was confident that I understood the topics I went on-line to the AAT website’s Study Support Search and took the Green Light tests. Finally I tried the sample assessments, remembering to take screen shots of my answers so that I could compare them to the answers provided. These were especially helpful as they gave me a clear idea of the format and type of questions that the final AAT exams would pose.

As long as you have a good understanding of the basics behind the accounting function the rest will fall into place. It really does all make sense in the end 


As main tips I can name:
1. Highlighting important parts in book make no sense, better to create a separate workbook to write in short what you have to remember and return to it on a daily basis.
2. Most important is to take pre-assessments on AAT site, and reasons for this are:
2.1 Assessment questions are typical and if you spend enough time with AAT site assessments there will be no surprises with real papers.
2.2 Textbooks end of chapter tasks are not reflecting AAT assessment so I ignored all of them
2.3 Textbooks study text was not covering 20-30% of assessment questions, so it is important to go to AAT site and “google” for anything not covered by training course

Ritchie Florey

My personal top tips.

1: Don’t cram in last minute revision before exam. I find it confuses me more than helping me out.
2: Eat well. Healthy breakfast. Bananas are good. Avoid caffeine as can increase anxiety.
3: Sleep well the night before, and relax.


Make sure all chapter required are fully understood. Re-read and complete all chapter questions.

Make notes of areas that you feel need extra learning and concentrate on those areas.

When preparing for an exam revise revise revise. Complete all practice exams available and make sure you are competent.

Charlotte Bonacina

1. Do the aat practice assessments, green light tests and osborne online assessments.
2. Make flashcards
3. Practise, practise, practise

Paul England

1. Practice Exams – the Premier training practice exams take the form of the actual AAT assessments and are therefore very useful. Use the practice exams to familiarise yourself with the layout and style of questions.

2. Start revising early – book your exam and set yourself revision deadlines leading up to assessment day. Don’t try to cram in last minute revision, it is ineffective and can lead to stress.

3. Perspective – don’t get too worked up about the exams/assessments. Obviously you don’t want to fail, but it’s not the end of the world if you do. Relax, be organised, and prepare in advance.

Kasia Nowicka

The best thing you can do on the day before you take the exam is…take a rest! Believe me, nothing can do better for you and your mind than a relaxing day off. Just have a cup of tea, watch a good movie, have a long, warm bath, eat something you like and sleep at least 8 hours. During such day all the things you have already learned will systematize and you will take the next day exam with a fresh brain!