Sage 50 Accounts Professional


Sage 50 Accounts Professional

Cost £300 per month (includes Sage Extra cover)

1 user

Unlimited Companies

Non-cloud based

Not MAC compatible  :-

Simple VAT

  • All the features you require to effectively manage VAT
  • Dedicated VAT area that guides users through the process
  • VAT returns can be completed in four simple steps using the VAT wizard
  • In-built calculators mean VAT is easily and quickly reconciled
  • Comes with a VAT verifier to ensure returns have all of the necessary transactions
  • Submissions can be sent direct to HMRC online – a legal requirement for most businesses
  • Software shows the progress of VAT returns so users are up to date with the process
  • Tax codes and rates can be configured to match your business
  • Work with standard VAT, VAT Cash Accounting, Flat Rate VAT and Irish VAT Cash Accounting
  • Record and manage EC Sales List returns

Total Cash Flow Management

  • Complete control over cash flow
  • Record money going in and out of the business
  • Manage multiple payment methods including cash, cheque, card and direct debits
  • Advanced credit position, bank reconciliation and trading in foreign currency features
  • Costs can be managed at project, customer, supplier, department or product level
  • Includes Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports
  • Share data in real time with your accountant
  • Step-by-step guides to make sure Year End and Month End processing is problem free
  • Setup to ensure users can quickly correct mistakes
  • Set lock dates to close-off financial periods

Manage Customers

  • Create and store customer information
  • Lookup details via the Quick Search functionality which filters customer records
  • Tailored customer dashboard highlights outstanding debts
  • Dashboard also provides up-to-date breakdown of unpaid or overdue invoices
  • Highlight disputed invoices to ensure any problem areas are followed up
  • Create customised and professional quotations and invoices using your company logo
  • Accept pre-payments in any currency
  • Record sales invoices in batches to save time
  • Send quotes, invoices or statements via email direct to customers
  • Add Sage Pay ‘Pay Now’ buttons (requires a Sage Pay subscription)
  • Check customer quotes against profit margin before submitting
  • Comprehensive history of customer communication available for reference
  • Apply flexible discounts and flexible pricing models for different customers
  • Process refunds to ensure customers are dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • Option to flag and hide inactive customer records
  • Powerful reporting tools feeding key insights to user
  • Reports include customer activity, monitoring debts and identifying valuable customers

Manage Suppliers

  • Store supplier addresses, contacts and credit information
  • Search supplier records instantly using the Quick Search feature
  • Receive key information around outstanding invoices and supplier debts
  • Flag urgent payments and/or tasks which require immediate attention
  • Add invoices in batches to save time
  • Manage accruals
  • Pay invoices promptly from within the software – even if the invoice is in foreign currency
  • Save and view all supplier activities and communications
  • Flag and hide inactive supplier records
  • In-depth reporting options are available for users
  • Analyse supplier debt, activity and performance
  • Quickly and easily send reports via email to other users, employees or suppliers

Product and Stock Control

  • Complete control over products and stock
  • Configure product stock codes, descriptions, categories and prices
  • Service quotes and invoices can seamlessly be added to the system
  • Data dashboard displays metrics around best and worst performing products
  • Quantity and value of products in stock can be closely examined
  • Automatic updates to stock levels when invoices are received
  • Check stock as part of the process of raising quotes and invoices
  • Profitability of each individual product line can be viewed easily
  • Inactive product records able to be flagged and hidden
  • Set up a Bill of Materials to monitor key inputs to the business
  • Forecast when additional materials need to be ordered from suppliers
  • Product records can be regularly audited using the stock take feature
  • Add barcodes and QR codes to streamline existing processes
  • Insightful reporting around products can easily be configured

Sage Drive – Connected Users & Connected Accountant

  • Work from home, on the road or anywhere you like and stay connected – no need to leave software running in the office for access
  • Easily share information with other enabled devices
  • Share live accounts data securely online with your accountant – no more waiting for files to be transferred
  • Work together with your accountant on the most up-to-date data, without disrupting your business
  • No need to stop processing while your accountant provides their services, meaning less down time for your business
  • See exactly what changes your accountant has made, so you understand the effect on your business
  • Full control of the access rights so you can always rest assured that your data is safe, secure and up-to-date

Sage 50 Accounts Apps

  • Perfect for anyone who needs business insight on the go
  • Available on Android and Apple smartphones
  • Insight on demand – available online and offline
  • Connect even without coverage – access to information even when you have no network coverage
  • Your data is secure and protected with encryption and secure sign in.

Tracker App

  • Immediately see top level sales, purchases, bank balances and profitability
  • Data at your fingertips – see top level sales, purchases, bank balances and profitability
  • Contacts and directions on demand – call, email or text direct from the app
  • Keep an eye on your cash flow – see where you have overdue payments and identify who you need to chase
  • Understand profit and loss – check balances for the month and year end to date
  • No expertise necessary – easy to use and no need to know how to use Sage 50 Accounts

Mobile Sales App

  • Products and prices – immediately see details without referring to reports or calling the office
  • Quick quotes, orders and invoices – create on the spot orders, quotes and invoices
  • Everything in one place – find customer contact details, purchase history and payment reliability, maps and directions straight from the app

The Entrepreneurs Mentor have produced a great guide in making Sage easier.

Here is a link to some useful videos on day to day functions on Sage.