Scanning Pens

Do spend your time copying out from the book the same text that is in the book for your course notes or revision. Well look what I’ve found!!!¬†Wireless Digital Highlighter.


A Digital Highlighter is bridging the gap between analogue print on paper and the endless possibilities of the digital world. Just like a yellow highlighter you simply swipe the highlighter along the text line you are reading. But instead of a yellow mark the text is captured and digitized. With the text in your smartphone or your computer you can easily process it further. Maybe you want to capture quotes from a book. Maybe you realize the you learn easier when listening to text as you read – instead of just reading it. Or you have a need to capture data into your business system or to translate text. If this is you, then a digital highlighter is likely to make your life easier.3.5product-500x500
Support Windows, MAC OSX and Android.